My name is David, I am 12 years old and have played hockey since I was 4. My brother Adam is 8 and he has played hockey since he was 5. We are always dependent on our parents to help us get dressed for hockey.


Hockey promotes independence among many other wonderful things. However, Adam and I found that  the hardest thing about hockey and trying to be independent was putting the hockey tape around our legs and then taking it off. When we tried to use the hockey tape on our own it always got stuck, tangled, either be too tight or too lose and it always took forever to get on the ice because we weren't ready fast enough. All because of hockey tape!


Then, after the practices and games Adam and I would try to take off the hockey tape, but we could never manage to because the hockey tape was twisted up and so hard to tear, we just weren't strong enough. Then, we also noticed that there were piles of crumpled up hockey tape on the dressing room floors at each hockey arena we went to causing so much pollution and work for the clean up crew at the arenas.


We both knew that we needed to create an easy solution for all athletes that used hockey tape. There just had to be an easier way to get those socks to stay up, and thus, we came up with the H2 STRAP idea.  A fast, cost-effective and environment friendly solution.  

How it Happened

One day after my hockey practice my mom tried to take the hockey tape off and she struggled for many minutes. She tried using her nails, teeth and then finally asked someone else to help her take them off me. It was funny, but I knew that there had to be a better alternative to this madness. Being a kid and not knowing much about materials or sewing my mom suggested using Velcro.


I was so interested in making a difference for others like me who use hockey tape and struggle to take it off that I started to research options.  After testing out so many different types of Velcro, I finally found the right one. I asked my parents for their help and we discussed my idea of how to help kids keep their socks up and stop shin pads from moving. I stressed to them that my idea would help to save the environment and save parents money.

Once we decided that I could start my business (using my birthday and Christmas money) my parents and I visited the local sports stores looking for a solution to replace hockey tape, there were none – and so I created my very own solution to this problem.  In 2015, the H2 Strap was born!

Dragons' Den

In March 2017 we were on our family vacation in the Dominican. I asked my parents if my brother and I could be on Dragons' Den. My parents looked at Adam and I and said, "Absolutely, why not? " My mom handed me her cell phone and I completed the online application. A few weeks later we were called to attend the first audition. It was scary, but Adam and I believed in our product. After the audition, we were told that if we make it to the next stage we would receive a call from one of the producers. My parents were so proud of my brother and me, it was a great feeling.


Two weeks after the audition, we got the call that my brother and I made it to the Den! It was an amazing experience to meet the Dragons' and share our product with them. 

H2 Strap