**Please measure thigh or shin wearing socks or shin-guard**


Small/Med-  approximately 19 inches long generally fits players up to the age of 12 

**Please know that additional shipping will apply when ordering more than 2 sets of straps or in large quantities. If you order more than 2 sets of straps on the same order we will contact you to collect the additional money for shipping before we are able to ship your product. This additional rate is determined by weight from the post office based on the quantity of straps we are shipping.**

H2 Straps will hold your socks up on your shin -guards from falling when you play hockey.

You should buy them because they are:
Water resistant
Made in Canada
Tried and tested by hockey players at various levels

Please allow up to 15 days for your order to ship.

Kids Ages 1-12

  • H2 Hockey Straps hold your socks and shin-guards in place. They are adjustable, cost efficiant and a fantastic solution created to last you for many plays!


    Why not give the H2 Hockey Straps a try, they are "Easy to Put On and Easy to Take Off!"